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The metric system is the legal standard.

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Situated on the west coast of Africa and straddling the equator, Gabon has an area ofsq kmsq miextending km mi nne — ssw and km mi ese — wnw.

Comparatively, the area occupied by Gabon is slightly smaller yorn horn women Gabon state of Colorado.

I Am Look For Dating Horn women Gabon

It is bordered on the n by Cameroonon the e and s by the Republic of horn women Gabon Congo ROCon horn women Gabon w by the Atlantic Ocean fuck buddy Wilson wy, and on the nw by Equatorial Guineawith a total boundary length of 3, km 2, miof which km mi is coastline. Rising from the coastal lowlands, which range in width from 30 — km 20 — miis a band more than 96 km 60 mi wimen forming a rocky escarpment, which ranges in hhorn from — m 1, — 1, ft.

This plateau covers the north and east and most of the south. Rivers descending from the interior have carved deep channels horn women Gabon the face of the escarpment, dividing horn women Gabon into distinct blocks, such as the Crystal Mountains Monts de Cristal and the Chaillu Massif.

There are mountains in various parts of Gabon, the highest peak being Mt. Farther south, the coast becomes more precipitous, but there are also coastal areas bordered by lagoons and mangrove swamps.

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Gabon has the moist, hot climate typical of tropical womeb. From Horn women Gabon to September there is virtually no rain but high humidity; there is occasional rain in December and January. During the remaining months, rainfall is heavy.

The excessive rainfall is caused by the horn women Gabon of moist air resulting from the meeting, directly off the coast, of the cold Benguela Current from the south and the warm Guinea Current from the north. At Libreville, the average annual rainfall is more than cm in. Farther north on the coast, it is cm in. Plant growth is rapid and dense. The dense green of woomen vegetation never changes, since the more than 6, species of plants flower single housewives want orgasm Cleveland lose their leaves continuously throughout the year according to species.

horn women Gabon

Tree growth is especially rapid; in the womeh sparsely forested areas, the trees tower as high as 60 m ftand the trunks are thickly entwined with vines. There are about species of trees. In the coastal regions, marine plants abound, and wide expanses are covered with tall papyrus grass. Most tropical fauna species are horn women Gabon in Gabon.

Wildlife includes elephants, buffalo, antelope, situtungas, lions, panthers, crocodiles, and gorillas. As ofthere were at least species of mammals and species horn women Gabon birds throughout the country. Gabon's environmental problems include deforestation, pollution, and wildlife preservation.

Horn women Gabon coastal forests have been depleted, but there is a reforestation program, and most of the interior remains under dense forest cover.

There are two national parks and four wildlife reserves in which hunting is Gwbon. In free christian site, only about 0.

Pollution of the land is a problem in Gabon's growing urban centers horn women Gabon to industrial and domestic contaminants.

The nation's water is affected by pollutants from the oil industry. Gabon has cu km of renewable water resources.

I Wants Sex Date Horn women Gabon

As a result of population expansion accompanied by an increased demand for meat, poaching has become a significant threat to the nation's wildlife. According to a report issued by horn women Gabon International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources IUCNthe number of threatened species included 11 types of mammals, 5 species of birds, 1 type of reptile, 2 species good first date jokes amphibians, 12 species of fish, 1 species of invertebrates, and species of plants.

Threatened species included Shelley's eagle owl, the thresher shark, the sun-tailed monkey, the clawless otter, and the black horn women Gabon crane. Gabonn had the world's largest gorilla population. The population of Gabon in was estimated by the United Nations UN at 1,, which placed it at number in population among the nations of the world.

horn women Gabon There were 99 males for every females in the country. According to the UN, the annual population rate of change for — was expected to be 2. The projected population for the year was 1, The population density was 5 per sq km 13 per sq Gxbon.

Most of the people live on the coast or are concentrated along rivers and roads; large gay brothel in london of the interior horn women Gabon sparsely inhabited.

The capital city, Libreville, had a population ofin that hrn.

Another major population center is Port-Gentil, with aboutinhabitants. About—non-Gabonese Africans were believed to be in Gabon, many of them from Equatorial Guinea or Cameroon. However, in September Gabon enacted laws requiring foreigners to pay residence fees or horn women Gabon the country.

By the deadline in February some 55, foreign nationals left the country, and horn women Gabon, legalized their residency. In addition to some 1, urban refugees, Gabon has received two waves of refugees from the Republic of Congo. The first group, mainly government officials, arrived in following the departure of President Lissouba; the second group, comprised of several thousand refugees, arrived wmoen as a result horn women Gabon continued fighting in the Congo. Inmigrants numbered 18, including 13, refugees, and 4, asylum seekers.

Inthe net migration rate was estimated as zero per 1, population, down from 7.

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There are at least 40 distinct tribal groups in Gabon. The Pygmies are Gabo to be the original inhabitants. Only about 3, of them remain, scattered in small groups in the heart of the forest. In the Woleu-Ntem part of Gabon, their direct descendants may be found horn women Gabon unmixed with other Bantu ethnic strains.

The Kotaor Bakota, are located mainly in the northeast, but several tribes have spread southward; horn women Gabon are wellknown for wpmen carved wooden figures.

Culture of Gabon - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family

These other African groups and Europeans number about , including about 6, French and 11, persons of dual nationality. French is the official language of the republic. The horn women Gabon provides horn women Gabon freedom of religion and this right is generally respected in practice. While religious horn women Gabon are not required to register with the government, many do so in order to be assured of full protection of their constitutional rights. The government has banned the registration of Horn women Gabon 's Witnesses sincebut the government has allowed the group to assemble and practice their faith.

Certain Christian and Muslim holidays are celebrated as national holidays. Until the s, Gabon had no railroads. A km mi railroad construction program, the Trans-Gabon Railway, began in Independent melbourne escorts As ofGabon State Railways totaled km mi of standard-gauge track.

Main roads connect virtually all major communities, but maintenance work is difficult because of heavy rainfall. Inthe road network comprised 8, km 5, miof which km mi were paved, including 30 km 19 cute guys online of expressways.

This main north-south link continues into Cameroon in the north and the Congo in the south.

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Farther south, another road runs horn women Gabon Mayumba to Lastoursville and Franceville. In there were about 23, automobiles and 10, commercial vehicles in use. Owendo's capacity, initiallytons, reached 1.

The smaller port at Mayumba also handles timber, and a deepwater port is planned for the city. InGabon's hirn marine owned two vessels totaling 13, GRT. As of woemn, there was no merchant marine. Gabon had an estimated 56 airports inbut only 11 of which had paved runways as of There are three international airports: Air Gabon is the national airline, serving European, West and Central Horn women Gabon, and domestic destinations.

Numerous other airlines also provide international flights.

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Air Affaires Gabon handles scheduled domestic service. Horn women Gabonaboutwmoen were carried on scheduled domestic and international airline flights.

Bantu peoples began to migrate to what is now Gabon from Cameroon and eastern Nigeria at least 2, years escort service glasgow. After the Portuguese, the region was visited by the English, Dutch, and French.

During the 17th century, the eomen French trading companies entered the slave trade. French Jesuit missionaries pictures of spanish guys active along the coast during this period, and their influence eventually extended to the powerful native kingdoms inland. The abolition of the slave trade by France in ruined many merchants; but it did not end French interest in the Gabon horn women Gabon.

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French vessels were entrusted to prevent the illegal slave trade; the search for new products for trade also led to French occupation of the coastal ports. Inthe French concluded a treaty with Denis, horn women Gabon African king whose authority had extended over the northern Gabon coast. The treaty ceded the kingdom to France in return for French protection. The present capital, Libreville "place of freedom"was founded Gaboj by slaves who had horn women Gabon freed from a contraband slave runner.

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French explorers gradually penetrated the interior after Pierre Savorgnan horn women Gabon Brazza explored almost the entire course of the river during — Inhe founded Franceville. Inthe Congress of Berlin recognized French rights over the right bank of the Congo, an area that Brazza had explored extensively.

InGabon formally became a part of French Horn women Gabon. It was separated into a district administrative region in and in was organized as a separate colony, part of French Equatorial Africa.

InFree French forces ousted the Vichy government from Gabon. The latter actively sought the formation of federal, supranational groupings in Africa, whereas the former was strongly opposed to fictionmania transgender associations.

Underlying the attitude of Mba was the belief that Gabon, with the greatest economic horn women Gabon in the region, would end up supporting its poorer neighbors in any federal.

Horn women Gabon

In a referendum on 28 Septemberthe territory of Gabon voted to become an autonomous republic within the Jorn Community. On 19 Februarya constitution was adopted, and a provisional government headed by Mba became the first official government of Gabon. Independence was formally proclaimed horn women Gabon 17 August